A good weekend to party in London: 6/7 July

The 6/7th July sees Bloc 2012 landing at the London Pleasure Gardens (no sorry boys, not Vauxhall but the Royal Victoria Docks). And docking into town is Stubnitz – a 2541 tonnes deep-sea fishing vessel that belonged to the German Democratic Republic. Stubnitz has been lovingly converted into a moving platform for hi-spec sonic adventures by artist Urs Blaser who has ensured the ship’s maze of corridors and rooms are optimized for sound and visual arts.

This is Stubnitz’s first visit to London to join geodesic domes and floating platforms, flanked by monolithic post-industrial dock buildings, compounding the general brooding ambiance. Sounds like quality architecture porn to me. Oh I better mention the music: Carl Crag, Richie Hawtin, Battles, Four Tet, Snoop…and more. 

More informationRoyal Victoria Docks, London, E16 2BS. Ah yes, the hitch is transport, easiest to jet into City Airport next door! Or fiddle around on the DLR.

Duckie has committed to another Gay Shame special after Gay Pride on the 7th (though no info on their site as yet). This has been a staple in the calendar but after a two year hiatus it’s going to be back. It stands firm in the Top 3 best night’s out for me: inspired entertainment and unbridled hedonism dished out in swathes by the professionals. Upon entry to Brixton Academy you collect your locally ‘currency’ to splurge on stalls which populate every nook and cranny. We had the Care Bears (above) gently looking after you, patching up your make up and doing your hair up nice; a co-dependent mother and daughter yoga session; twisted sister hen do’s, the works. And if you blew all your cash you could clock-in to the sweat shop to make flowers for the trannies. Beware of the production manager who would evaluate the quality – if they weren’t upto scratch you weren’t gonna get paid honey. The impressively tight creative direction of the whole extravaganza meant the whole experience was less mayhem and more immersive brilliance. 

More information, venue probably Brixton Academy again, SW2.

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