A peek inside A Room for London

A few notes…twas a good day, starting with Hockney at the Royal Academy. The boat was was lovely, and extraordinary. And cold. Very cold (coldest night to date?) The London focused book collection was second to none, many of which I had, many which I didn’t. I slept lightly so got to enjoy a view of London in different light every couple of hours. It was hard to know how to appreciate something as much as possible but we did our best.

Summer nights will be really great, it was simply too frigid to go up and hang on the terrace too long. The log-book was great. Skylon at the RFH was – gasp – supremely expensive even with a hefty discount we’d pre-arranged – but I will look forward to going back to the bar very soon. But we like the boat a lot. It was everything we could do to not throw an impromptu house party…I have it on record that they are looking into further London venues where the boat might beach.