A rummage behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum

I have spent many an hour roaming the kilometers of the Natural History Museum’s private quarters. If you think its a big museum then you aint seen nothing until you’ve been swiped though to the back rooms. The entomology dept alone is on 6 floors with 30m specimens. They’ve got forensics who work on crime scenes, researchers beavering away on any number of missions…furry things, scratchy things, scary things. Now as good as all the new shiny Darwin wings are, they’re just not as exciting as the old Spirit Building which was squirreled away in the bowls of the museum. It reeked. The scientists who spent their tie in this windowless basement were a little cooky, perhaps a little addled from the aroma escaping from the bespoke glass jars. Oh the stories. Too many to go into now but they were cracking. Anyway, I think Friday 23rd’s ‘Extended’ tour might go the extra mile and show a little more than whats usually on show. Check it out.

Spirit Collection 
Discover some of the largest and most spectacular specimens. including Archie the giant squid, in the Museum’s spirit collection in the Tank Room. 
Meeting point: Spirit Building Welcome Desk. 
Tours start 16.00, run half-hourly, last tour 20.00. 
Capacity: 9 (visitors must be 8+) 

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