A talk about London’s Lost Rivers 30th Nov, SW11

Ah – it’s coming up to Wednesday – talk night at Battersea’s bestest new bar. And I’ve organised it! Doodle isn’t a wannabe Chelsea pub its a great new creative hangout in an old Victorian dairy and tile emporium.

So tomorrow’s talk is by Tom Bolton is a researcher and writer, specialising in the culture and history of London. His latest book London’s Lost Rivers: A Walker’s Guide is an evocative, witty and engaging text about how this ancient city was built around rivers other than the Thames – traces of these still remain for those who know where to look.

Bolton’s talk will outline routes of eight lost rivers with the history of each river’s route, origin and decline – a secret network that spreads across the city, from picturesque Hampstead in the North to the hidden suburbs of South London and beneath some of London’s most iconic and historic sites. These London pasts are brought to vivid life, populated by characters both famous and infamous, including politicians, forgers, actors, architects, athletes, monarchs and murderers.

www.thedoodlebar.com Wednesday 30th November, at 7.30pm sharp. FREE. 

at The Doodle Bar, 33 Parkgate Road, London SW11 4NP

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