Another tip off. A good un.

My chum and I are huge fans of Duckie and stalk them religiously. Some of the best nights out I’ve ever had are courtesy of this bunch. You can have a good night at their regular Saturday night slot at the Royal Victoria Tavern in in Vauxhall but you really need to keep your eyes peeled for their *special events*. Next year, after vowing they’d never do it again they will be putting Gay Shame on again in July, hopefully at Brixton Academy again. The last one was was tight, it was ambitious. It was organised mayhem – mini hen do’s, codependent yoga classes in a den, Care Bears who would brush your hair very gently and do your make up like a Girl’s World. You got Duckie dollars to spend at the stalls and if you ran out you had to clock into sweat shops and earn more by making industrial standard fake flowers for the trannies. Little micro worlds and experiences of crazy. Purrrrrrfect. And you know what gave it the edge – everyone had been briefed brilliantly, they know what was what all all times. It could’ve been messy and should’ve been hectic. But no…..These guys should run the Olympics. God if only they could direct the opening ceremony. Now there’s an idea.

They are doing something called Lullaby at the Barbican now – I am slightly sceptical for the first time so might see what the critics have to say before I dive in.


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