I had the pleasure of revisiting the fantastic MS Stubnitz at the weekend, a decomissioned 80m East German cold-war fishing trawler that has been lovingly converted into a club, live music and arts venue. Its previous exisitence is still palpable, and the curves, pipes, ropes, patina and smell of thing is extremely atmospheric.

It still functions as a proper boat, and is on a long trip away from its home town of Rostock in Germany, docking in various locations for extended stays. It first arrived in London in time for the Olympics (and the disastrous Bloc festival) but has since moved a few times to its current, most accessible location right by Canary Wharf. 

There’s lots going on in the calendar apart from dirty after-hours raves, and the current exhibition of automata caught our eye: intricate machines powered by gears and cogs that come to life on the push of a button. 

Hopefully the rest of the boat will be open for you to have a general nose about. The Stubnitz hauls anchor in May, so not many more opportunities to see this magnificent vessel.

Mechanical Cabaret at the MS Stubnitz, Canary Wharf E14, until 12th April. £5

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