Bar Shan, Soho

Wow – quelle food! Sister restaurant to Bar Shu this place is right opposite. We were in a private room at the top with a large Italian contingent who’d gathered from around the world.

All we needed was a button to summon drinks. The meal was extraordinarily good. The mashed up aubergine served in a pestle and mortar – it was a little more Lebanese/moutoubal and a good antitode to the red raw heat of the dishes.

A few years back we went to one of the famous cooking schools in Sichuan’s capital Chengdu. Huge classes which were absolutely silent and apparently transfixed when chef was holding fort.  The basic 3 month intensive course is 3 months and about £100 I gather. And Sichuan chefs are so in demand the are umpteen agencies in town who snap up the graduates. So it makes you wonder why this might not be such a better route out of the country than these snakeheads who manage the emigration and trafficking….anyway, I think any foreigner could complete this course with relative ease as long as you’re sitting in good view of the cooking….I think Fuschia Dunlop, who is an advisor to the Bar Shu/Shan group is the only outsider to have done the course so far…?

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