Beekeeping Introduction….

A while ago we did a day course – Introduction to Beekeeping through the London Beekeepers’ Assocation. Based at Roots & Shoots in Kennington, a lovely community and vocational eco-centre buried right in the houses its a really brilliant day. ‘Taste of Beekeeping’ is a short introduction to the principles of beekeeping in an urban environment. Broken into brief sessions – natural history, structure and maintenance of hives, honey tasting and ideal plots, gardens and flora….The diversity across the honeys is amazing and hits home when you see all the jars stacked up in a line. From crystalised pale to dark almost black runny honey. The avuncular chaps running the course are verging on caricatures with their big burly beards.

around the circumference of a mined area, land that currently cannot be farmed in the conventional sense. Nature has of course taken over and is rich in biodiversity. So the bees can dip in and out gathering nectar at no risk and return to the hives where farmers can gather the honey safely. Hmm opiate honey??

There are lots of bee keeping courses now so I’ll do a round up soon….

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