Best Show of the Decade? Booking Monday

I don’t think I’ve quite endorsed anything as enthusiastically as You Me Bum Bum Train. Yes, its an obscure and deeply juvenile name but it’s no reflection on their creative capability. It will be the ride of your life. Can’t give too much away as they stick to a general format – if it ain’t broke….? I’ve told so many people about this over the years. They’re of the Punch Drunk/Shunt performance ilk but the Bums don’t take themselves nearly seriously. The first time we experienced le train we were at a loss what to do afterwards – nothing could top it, we just headed home to come down off the high. Now that never happens! 

They have a hardcore following, reflected in the 1500 volunteer cast and crew members. The train is brilliantly unsustainable with some ridiculous audience (1) to performer ratio. Tickets go on sale on Run Riot this Monday and I suspect the site will suffer a mini meltdown, it’s hardly Ticketmaster. Their last show was supported by the Barbican and was the fastest selling show ever. So you better get those digits hovering over the keyboard with your hungry credit card at the ready. £30 each, 2 tickets per person. Despite that being double last year’s prices it’s still worth every penny.

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