Bodo Schloss: Alpine disco in W8

I got wind of this new Tiroler rave den in Kensington. The location should’ve rang alarm bells but it sounded so up my alley I didn’t care to question it. Well – shock horror, it’s the stable mate of Mahiki – eek. Yup, they’ve done Polynesian, and moved onto the Alps. So you can imagine the crowd. More young blondes in dirndls and lederhosen than you’ll ever see in Lech. Bodo Schloss is full of guys ordering those bucket-sized cocktails that come delivered to the table decorating with a minor firework display – and then they look all coy as if they didn’t know what they were in for.

I was chatting to some people who really had no idea that St Moritz in Soho has been all over the disco/Alpine combo since the 70s. So Bodo, you’re not the first but you will be very popular with the Chelski set. I don’t fear for St Moritz’s welfare because Bodo will never be serving fondue in a disco. Throwing shapes on the dancefloor and boiling cheese isn’t a good mix. 

Bodo Schloss 2a Kensington High Street, W8.

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