Breakfast by Faviken’s Magnus Nilsson, London

Very, very occasionally a flicker of doubt crosses my mind, and the fomo (yup, fear of missing out) kicks in. I am a vegetarian, and have been for nearly three decades. I certainly don’t promote the fact here because people may begin to question my recommendations. But I hang around with enough raging carnivores to know what stands up in terms of quality animal products – I even peddled sausages for a long while. But I digress, when I read about Faviken in Sweden, so far north its knocking on the Arctic Circle, I really did want a cut of the action. I dearly love the whole ‘into the woods’ thing, grovelling about. But ‘shrooms will only get you so far and I really can’t see me getting my money’s worth jetting up to Faviken for one night of Autumn aged carrots and picked hedgerow. I *love* the idea of it all but no, I have to let this one go. BUT you don’t, because chef Nilsson is coming to London to cook breakfast at another restaurant I’ll not be going to: Tramshed. It’s part of one of these slick-rick book tours that Phaidon have got down to a T now. So if you’ve got nowt better to do this Monday morning than sample a dose of fermented oysters, that might just be a reliable way of getting signed off work for a week.

Tickets – 9am – 11am on Monday 8th October

Faviken, Sweden

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