A broader view of creative London over #LFW

Whilst the main focus may revolve around fashion this weekend, you may not even realise that the London Design Festival kicks off this weekend too. Yep, that just about triples the competition for hotel rooms! We know you might not have the time over this fash-focused weekend, but if you do find yourself with a free couple of hours, we think you’d like…

Miles Aldridge – I Only Want You to Love Me


You’ll find Aldridge’s dark take on domesticity in the exhibition hall one level down in Somerset House’s vaults. Daily 10.00-18.00, late Fridays.

Embankment Galleries East, South Wing


Serpentine Gallery’s Pavilion by Sou Fujimoto


Fujimoto’s delicate, latticed structure blends like a beautiful London cloud into the park. Come and chill out here when you feel yourself freaking over missing Bikram for a month.
Every day

Punch Drunk’s A Drowned Man

Sophie Bortolussi (Wendy). Photo Pari Naderi

Try and make space in the schedule to see the kings of immersive theatre – Punch Drunk’s latest show. Spread over four vast floors, this eerie, intense and dark exploration into 50s America will engulf you for hours. Leave the Balenciaga at home. This is where you’ll find the coolest bar in town, hidden right in the hot core of the Wild West and London W2.






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