Brunswick House Cafe

I flagged this up a little while back but its graduated to better things since then. Cor – good cocktails. Food firmly in the small plates brigade. The place itself has been cleared just a little from the overpriced arch-salvage props to make way for the tables. It’s a bit more bright n fresh 40s at the front and a bit more dark and gothic at the back so pick your mood. A little nod to Les Trois Garcons with the tiger holding fort on a platform. It’s such an architectural mess round Vauxhall Cross – a bit of Zaha here, the worst development on the planet there. The grand cuboid of Brunswick House is different again, standing alone like a high society snobette who can’t quite relate to or interact with anyone else in the room. As birthday boy MB pointed out, it’d make for a great party axis coupled with Duckie on a Saturday eve. Wahddya waiting for!

Brunswick House Cafe, Vauxhall Cross. Yes really….SW8.

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