Can’t wait to go back to Baku, SW1

Finally made it to Baku, London’s first Azerbaijani restaurant. Yes, I have been waiting…..My particularly entertaining but unsuspecting company was probably quite content to stay in the Nag’s Head. But no – proximity and intrigue got the better of me.  

Despite the food being surprisingly well priced I think the post-dinner martinis cranked the bill up a bit. Abundant veg and plenty of smoky dishes on the menu – all good. Even the Azerbaijani cheez was good though I appear to have got confused and ordered it to start. Or maybe that is just Caucuses style. C’mon Londoners, enough of burgers and those ubiquitous small sharing plates – get down here. (Also worth checking out Iberica on Cally Rd for really good Georgian and Samarqand for Central Asian). 

The décor was suitably blingy and exactly what you’d expect to find in Moscow, or Baku for that matter. It was pretty dead but one other large table of diners managed to fulfil all the people watching requirements I would ever need. 

There’s a so so bar upstairs – it could be a good ‘un if busy with Baku types. We ended up in the new Hix which is a bit blurry but probably quite good on any other eve other than a quiet Monday.

Baku, 164-165 Sloane Street, SW1X 9QB 020 7235 5399

Hix Bar, Thompson Hotel, 20 Chesham Place, SW1X 8HQ 020 7858 0100

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