Cosmology: What we Do and Don’t Know about our Peculiar Universe

Another Royal Institution course – Cosmology, the study of the evolution of the Universe. Learn about dark matter, dark energy and supernovae. The names alone warrant some insight. This six week course is for the layman – but they state clearly they will be looking for a level of commitment (whether that means you just have to turn up every week or if you have to wade through realms of homework is anyone’s guess).

Booking through the Royal Institution W1, £200 for six sessions, Wednesdays from 19:00-20:30 starting 27th June.

It’s worth noting, if you are mildly curious about the world Out There – but fall far short of committing to a course you can book in to see UCL’s observatory in Mill Hill, North London. Tours are free, every other Friday but of course it’s in the lap of the gods as to whether you’ll see anything (the pattern being visibility about 25% of the time). Even so, it’s great to see the variety of telescopes, each and every one a-typical of their era: the 70s one above looked just like an oversize food mixer.

University of London Observatory (ULO), book through Kay Nakum, on 02031 081613, or by email to (N.B. tours are full until October 2012).

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