Dinner at Dana – Magic of Medicine

The Dana Centre is worth keeping an eye on – haven’t been for a while but this looks good. I got into it a bit after the hedgewitch foraging day. All these Dana events are laid back affairs, not too challenging after a day at work. You can eat n drink your way through the evening – they do want to make it easy for you!

“Since the dawn of time humans have looked to nature to try and find cures for their aches and pains. The Ancient Greeks would chew willow for pain relief, now it’s the main constituent of aspirin. Then during the 19th century the effects these compounds had on the body were studied and ways to refine and improve them were found by a new breed of scientists: pharmacologists.

Over the 20th century we saw the rise of the pharmaceutical industry, its blockbuster drugs beginning the conquest of pain and infection. But does Mother Nature still have more to give?

At the beginning of the 21st century we see the pharmaceutical industry at a time of change, retreat and restructuring: what will happen next? How close are we to the personalised medicines of the future that are matched to not only the disease but our individual genetic make-ups too?”

Dana Centre, Thurs 16th Feb, 7 – 8.30pm

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