North Korea: other worldly, photogenic, lonely. Autumn is the perfect time to go. It’s hard to imagine a world with few cars, no advertising, no shops…of course there is a flip side to all this. But to be in a bubble where the commercial world as we know it just *disappears* is a remarkable and calm experience. It was an anti-holiday, as it would be ¬†going to any Stalinist state: you can’t approach any locals, you can’t leave your hotel without a .gov appointed guide. There’s a fine line you can tread. So you’re not seeing the country at all but regarding a contrived, polished presentation of a place. If you’re even faintly piqued to go, do. Understand in full what you’re embracing, it’s deeply controversial and you won’t be able to ask any questions when you get there. There’s no hopping on any wikis for answers so it all goes into the pot until you’re fit to burst. And coincide with the Mass Games – its true what they say, it is the greatest show on earth.¬†