Eltham Palace, SE9….art deco brilliance

This SE London beaut is sooo worth the schlep across town (overland from London Bridge btw). Built by the Courtauld family the palace is hooked onto the remains of Henry VIII’s first home. Yup, weird. Medeival or Art Deco? Daddy or chips? There are plenty more surreal touches in store too.

The moats long been drained but the benefits mean there’s a lot more garden to lounge about in – which is actively encouraged. Nice little retro cafe in the scullery. Go go go. And mooch over to Greenwich on the bus when you’ve had enough bliss.

*SHUT SATURDAYS* (no, me neither… – I learnt the hard way)

Eltham Palace, Court Yard, Eltham, Greenwich, London – SE9 5QE