Feeding time at the festive zoo

So December is looming. Which (overcrowded, under-resourced?) jostling pop-up food experience is it be?

We’ve got Forza Win perched on a roof in E2 serving up Italian fondue or Fonduta, a Northern Italian Fondue style dish prepared with young Fontina cheese, raw milk and butter. But, alas, despite all the blankets, candles and warm cocktails they can rustle up, for me, the al fresco winter experience wraps up Nov 5th. I’m not shy of an annual fondue but I’ve seen the pictures…and people looked nippy. (Images by www.danielrm.com)

FEAST is setting up in the Islington Royal Mail Sorting Office over 6-9th December with restaurant spin-offs Caravan, Ceviche, Elliots and the Modern Pantry amongst others manning the decks. Cheap at £7.50 entry but you can be sure to be shelling out plenty of beans once you’re in. Can’t quite get my head around the venue – I’m pretty sure it’s still a functioning Royal Mail sorting office but if these was my working conditions I think I’d be offering a poor service too! Watch this space for more luxury flats hitting Barnsbury and the announcement of a three-day first class postal service.

A more laid back affair mixing up food and music is Street Feast in Hackney Downs Studios 1st – 23rd December. This will appeal to anyone who has had enough (gastronomic Xmas axis-of-evil?) mince pies n’ mulled wine and need some flavour from kimchi, dosas, jerk and tacos.

If you’ve really had your fill of food but still want to get into the Christmas spirit then it might be time to pay a visit to Denis Severs’ House in the heart of Spitalfields. It’s a bit steep, and they can be a touch precious but it’s somewhere you should definitely go to once to immerse yourself in the lives of a family of 1700s Huguenot Weavers. If you can squeeze in a Monday lunchtime visit this is a bargain basement option – and will offer a dark refuge to anyone feeling fragile after a weekend on the tiles.

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