Frank’s Cafe SE15….coming back

Back for the third (or fourth?) year Frank’s is pegged to open on the 30th June. Occupying the top floor of the old multi-story carpark in Peckham it offers superlative panoramic views over London, more Aperol than you know what to do with, a decent menu and some al fresco sculpture thrown in for good measure. All good, except that I just heard on the radio it’s going to rain for the next month. Joy. Frank’s will stay all summer though so I trust there will be at least one opportunity to go. The best thing about this spit n sawdust spot is this immense sense of space up there on the roof. Just yesterday we were talking about how noticably¬†busier London has got – almost suffocatingly so. And that’s before the impending arrival of a minor sporting event we’re hosting…

There’s a Peckham Rocks itinerary just on the left column there – there’s stacks to do round here if you want to make a day out of it. I spent my formative years round here whilst at Camberwell Art College – god I wish there had been a bit more to do. Mind you, in those days we made our own fun and everyone had house parties – remember those??

Frank’s Cafe, 95a Rye Lane, SE15

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