Frontline, le Club. W2


One of my Top 10 in London. More grown up activities, and a good place to pick up some rugged talent if required. Its a club for independent journalists, they have a great clubby bar – though you have to sweet talk your way in. Restaurant on the ground ‘raw materials from the restaurant’s own farm, wines at not much above retail prices’, bar on the 1st – with good beer from bad countries! (Only kidding, leading beers from off the beaten track), lecture room on the 2nd and at the top tip top are a couple of weeny rooms in the attic. For members at the gobsmackingly cheap rate of £40! Thankfully there are little spots where you can get cheap and accessible in this city. 

Anyway, I am rather shying away from its greatest feature – the programme of events. I haven’t been since the Berlin wall special last year which was seriously rammed. They need to triple the size of the lecture room. I can’t even begin to edit the forthcoming talks so check their site and and get busy with it. 

Not many people know this but if I had my time again I might just pursue a path in reportage journalism. I mean, I’ve got such a way with words why wouldn’t I?? Done sausages, architecture, lingerie making. Its a natural progression. 

The Frontline Club, W2

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