Georgia beckons.

Friday I fly to Georgia, it’s been a long time coming. This is going to fulfil all my middle earth// soviet// wooden// cave architecture fantasies. With a cracking mountain here and there. I hope it’s not too sunny – I’m chasing that slightly foreboding dark light cast over those dwellings. But I guess it’s not a film set with a cinematographer finely tuning each panorama so I must be forgiving. And I mustn’t go chasing too much foreboding ambiance and end up drifting over the wrong borders….Oops good morning Grozny!

Am a bit bored of fiddling around with complicated visas now, so beautifully named but slightly tempestuous Abkhazia will have to wait. And even blingy playtime in Baku may fall by the wayside – come on Azerbaijan surely you can turn around a visa in less than a month? Though disco queens, you’ll be pleased to know they are relaxing the red tape in time for May’s Eurovision.

It’s all going to be so so good. Just LOOK: