Harrogate Spa (again), Yorkshire

I have now been…..so this post is legit! Oh what a weekend of big ticks! What I didn’t realise is that the Turkish bath is just one small part of the huge spa complex. Thought sadly so many wings and buildings have long been lost to various iffy pub chains and a restaurant. Anyway, the Turkish steam baths, plunge pool and tepidariums have been salvaged for the rest of us to enjoy. And great they are.

And we went to Betty’s – possibly the most famous cafe in Britain…? It certainly didn’t disappoint. Perfect. It was good fun playing at being mature for once. Unfortunately I washed away the lovely taste of tea with some Harrogate water – salty and eggy on the palette. Mmmm. 

Managed to get a pretty good deal at Hotel du Vin for £70 online. So yes, a thoroughly sophisticated experience before diving down into some caves….

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