Heiner Goebbels’ Stifter’s Dinge at the P3

“Five pianos hang stripped and bared above steaming pools of water. Mist settles over a ghostly scene, a living, breathing subterranean world. As the light changes and darkens, the pianos wake. Water drips and machines tick before, suddenly, the pianos begin to play themselves, advancing menacingly through fog and rain, through the creaking and crunching of machinery and the strange disembodied voices of William S Burroughs, Malcolm X and Claude Lévi-Strauss.”

This Trop-top installation was unveiled by Artangel in London in 2008. Stifter’s Dinge, by German composer and director Heiner Goebbels, is an extraordinary installation drawing from weather and nature, mechanical objects, projections and music. It is a rather spooky and moving experience – and highly recommended. Book for the brief re-run in November at Ambika P3 on Marylebone Road again.

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