Holiday inspiration: Italy

If anyone is stuck for a summer holiday idea, here’s a good ‘un. I am going round and round in circles trying to work out how I can wangle a trip to chase the crazy in Azerbaijan and Georgia this summer – now that Syria is out the picture for a brief while. And I just can’t see myself persuading the boyf to come to Angola or the ‘Stans. So feeling that I may have lost the battle of the adventure we might just have to revisit the wonderful timeless Amalfi coast south of Napoli. My Mum unearthed this gem by Gio Ponti – he not only designed the hotel but the pool, the tiles, every piece of furniture. When do you get to enjoy a vision in its entirety like this? And to top it all – it’s set in a botanical garden! Can it get any better……? In fact bugger adventure, lets enjoy some retro glamour.

You won’t want to do much but Pompeii and the smaller¬†Herculaneum are both within easy reach and are moving and extraordinary at once.

Parco dei Principi, Sorrento, Amalfi coast

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