Hong Kong in a sweep

I just got back from a week in HK. Here’s a snapshot.

Below, Le Marron a French hidey hole in Causeway Bay. Way up into the sky. Tomato souffle cooked well.

Below, The Pawn. Nothing secret or hidden about this joint. Famous, big. Lots of terraces.

Below, bamboo light details.

Below, great tree hoarding. Cor nearly never spotted it!

Below, After School Club, Causeway Bay. Coffee.

Below, great art at the Agnes B Gallery in Central

Below, all the banks!

Below, flash car strip – we had Jaguar, Porsche, Bugatti…and just along in the distance….Lotus Office Supplies!

Below, The Ozone Bar, Ritz Carlton. Dark and high. 118th floor. Then it rained so visibility was nil. 

Below, Da Ping Huo Sichuan restaurant. Mostly hidden. Hottest food of my entire life – and that’s saying something. Set menu of heaven and hell.

Below, great name of a snack shop. Actually I think it was posh chocs but I didn’t look too closely.