Hotel Traube Tonbach, Schwartzwald

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There’s an immaculate hotel in the Black Forest that has had a presence there since the 1700’s and has the most phenomenal service that I’ve ever experienced. A family owned hotel that must put their trainees on some kind of bootcamp.

They were happy to collect us when we were lost in the forest (well we just managed to mysteriously walk in a circle when we wanted A to B) – twice. They couldn’t do more when I enquired about heading into the woods to look for mushrooms – and took me all the way there and brought me back (in a limo). And didn’t bat an eye where I tripped up with a few kilos of foraged mushrooms a few hours before dinner asking for them to be cooked up with various vegetarische caveats. You can poke about in their four serious wine cellars, lose yourself in the spanking new spa or…just lose yourself in the forest. Ahem.

Traube is no secret to many Germans – it’s famous, as is the town Baiersbronn that holds something like seven Michelin *s. This is the town where gastronomes head to for a German style La Grande Bouffe gorge-fest. And with the Baden winelands just up the road thank God you can walk it all off in the endless forest on the doorstep. Ja, this is highly recommended.

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