So we fancied something local and managed to up the ante without any effort. We must’ve known it was going to go like this…..half-hope that Tinello wouldn’t be able to squeeze us in at short (no) notice. Nor the Orange Brewery – so that would only leave Hunan! What a tragedy. Love this place – they’re not fazed by anything. Rattle off what you like/dislike (no menu here) and it comes and comes across a spectrum of morsels and bites. Lots of flavours and textures that are brilliantly alien (maybe meat??). Wine list very well priced too…..

The food can be as spicy as you wish. The head chef is actually Taiwanese – though many dishes are regional inc Hunan. Go – check it out. Its a great posh chinese white tablecloth Chinese restaurant. be hungry and have about £60pp to spend. 


51 Pimlico Road, London SW1

020 7730 5712

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