Iberia Restaurant, N1

Time for a bit of a catch up. Been slacking off/busy casing joints. I finally got my sorry self to this little Georgian place that I’ve been trying to get to for months having failed for various reasons. I always pictured it in Kings Cross but no, carry on up Cally Rd, and on….and on some more and finally you’ll reach a dismal stretch of main road where Iberia sits twinkling away. Nearly had a mini meltdown when I saw how busy it was without a booking in the bag but we wrestled a table off a couple who were too late to retrieve it. Fantastic for veggies, the menu is full of aubergine and walnut pastes and dips, cornbreads and wotnot. It’s very cosy, very popular. Good wine – the Georgians were the first in on the wine making act so they have got it pretty sussed. Yes, the name would suggest it’s Spanish but it aint, it’s firmly Caucasus.

Iberia, 294 Caledonian Road N1 1BA

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