King Henry’s Walk garden

Yesterday I did a Turkish/Kurdish cooking class just round the corner from the home. I always new about this garden but I thought it was the playground that you can see from the road. Oh woe, how wrong I was! If you keep going down an alley and walk around the back there lies such an oasis. So for the past decade I could’ve been enjoying this spot. I was bowled over by the size of the place! Bed after bed of flowers and allotments. (I am a real allotment-fancier, I actually want one but enjoy looking at much loved land). A secret woodland. Table after table! A little building with various facilities. I could kick myself but at least I’ve found it now. Summer eves will never be the same again – I am getting myself some of that annual key for £10 and having a picnic every night I can. Check out the link below for other courses – cold smoking, ice cream making…..

King Henry’s Walk, N1

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