A very special person is opening an xxxtra special eatery and bar this weekend in the Hackney. It’s been a long time coming, like all good things. Blame that on the layers of agents and pen pushers. 

The ‘big idea’ development has provided much Friday night entertainment fodder: having journeyed via numerous rich and ridiculous conceptual forays and follies she did the right thing, took it back to square one and is opening a damned good pizza and charcuterie joint this weekend. She’s spent so much time shuttling to and fro to the countryside I thought I’d lost her for a while. But she was just busy falling in love with some hairy pigs which have now wound up cured in various alien life form states. I have no doubt LARDO will be an instant success. I am of course still waiting for all our great dish ideas to appear on the menu – the curry calzone, the hot dog stuffed crust pizza (oh damn – Pizza Hut got there first!). Good luck ma cherie. 

Lardo, Arthaus Building, 195-205 Richmond Rd, E8 3NJ

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