Lassco Cafe – a little bit of (straight) joy, Vauxhall Cross SW8

Vauxhall Cross isn’t quite the hell hole it used to be….you can have a good night out, but in the day? It’s still one big traffic gyratory. The bus station might’ve lifted it’s architectural cred but brings yet more traffic! God its even got my LEAST favourite development in the whole of London (thank you St George’s Wharf).

LASSCO, have branched out from salvage to food (not salvaged) – and its quite an oasis. A coffee is about the only thing that you can afford in here but thats enough because its a top spot for breakfast or lunch. Think a south London Trois Garcons without the cocktails. 

If you do find yourself here, check out Hot Stuff on Wilcox Road, Canton Arms on South Lambeth Road and Bonnington Square for a potter round the area’s alternative past. 

LASSCO30 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2LG,

020 7394 2100

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