Le Pop Up debated, W1

I’m going to have to be the Queen of Cram next week to squish this talk in. Do they have to make something so playful sound so serious? C’mon architects – lighten up! 

Do ‘pop ups’ offer real longterm possibilities?

“London and other European cities are experiencing a boom for temporary uses of space. From cycle-cafés, cineroleums, sky rooms and learning hubs, these spaces offer a wealth of ideas for alternative land use. However, their short life spans often rules out any meaningful change. Can they be taken seriously and provide solutions for real community enterprise? Are they more than just temporary fun? Presentations and discussion looking at a range of Meanwhile initiatives and their future role in regeneration.” Chaired by Lucy Musgrave, founder of Publica, with contributions from:

  • Matthew Lloyd – Matthew Lloyd Architects
  • Dougald Hine – Space Makers Agency
  • Clive Dutton – London Borough of Newham
  • Klaus Overmeyer – Studio UC Klaus Overmeyer
  • Michelle Provoost – Crimson Architectural Historians and
  • Tobias Goevert – Design for London. 

More information through RIBA. 28 June 2011 6:30 PM – 7:45 PM

RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London W1B 1AD

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