Le weekend

This was my first weekend in London for weeks. And sun for that matter. Had a couple of mature guests in town for the day so wheeled out the Tate Brit, Leighton House – with it’s opulent middle eastern interior (style from Yemen, tiles from Syria) and the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park. Brought it firmly back to the UK with a swift half at the Windsor Castle. That west bit is entirely achievable in a couple of hours and seemed to work well – for anyone looking to fulfill a similar brief.

Went well dotty on Sunday with a Tate Mod blitz – Yayoi Kusama, below and Hirst in one go. Actually enjoyed the Hirst more than I thought I might, taking in my fill of sanitised stainless steel and diamond rocks. Guess it’s been a while since those old friends have been in a room together, and almost enough to make you want to go home and get the Brit Pop on.

On a more frustrating note my blimmin bike locks both failed on the same day. Too strange for both to go, but whatever the reason it’s looking like an angle grinder mission-Monday to steal my bike back.