London’s finest (and only?) Kazakstani restaurant, hotel and hammam. Of course.

God why oh why wasn’t Camberwell this good when I spend 3 years studying there?? When we had all those hours to whittle away! Oh my how things have changed! And now it offers Silk Road, Angles & Gypsies, the newly renovated lovely gala swimming pool. And – the Kazak restaurant – gasp! So what a little treasure trove of Stan delights. I couldn’t say if its good Kazak food – but I can vouch that its a firm cross between Turkish and Russian. (I mean never order a Russian salad – that’ll always stand you in good stead for a meal!) But this is so typical of a flash restaurant in somewhere a little off the beaten track – as I’ve seen in Russia and China. Lots of gold mirrors, thick red carpets, elaborately framed portraits and heavy chintz. So good. So follow the long winding red carpet through the hotel and you will, I promise eventually emerge into the restaurant. Half lined in kilims with low level dining and over the koi pond you could enjoy a seated experience. Apparently they have a bit of music and dancing on a Friday night…..

Pasha Kyrgyz Kazakh Restaurant, 158 Camberwell Road, SE5

Hamam details and treatments at the same address.

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