Matt, the new boy.


This is Matt, Matt Baker. He’s my good friend and the new Master of London, taking care of it in my absence. I’ll try not to micro-manage and undermine him, but I will be getting my sticky mitts back on the Smoke from time to time. I’m still fanatical about architecture and design, and he leans towards music. But on the venn diagram we have art, film, London oddities and all other kinds of things that he’ll be really good at unearthing like a fine truffle pig. He can write, and has done a lot here already, but I’ve banned him from too many !!! marks, and caps – it can get a bit shouty. So, hi Matt….welcome.

He knows me very well, and offered to give me my own very personal edited weekly round up every Friday. Luxury or what? Here’s an exclusive – last week’s inaugural issue right here, with one brief omission that I can’t disclose. “Let me know any steers, what you want more/ less of” he says! But this will inspire you that he’s bang on brand so to speak, and will serve London to you on a silver platter:

Aaaahhh Vienna. This year’s ‘Michael’?
Interesting article about the huge amounts blown on quantitive easing (£375 billion!) and what else could have been done with the money.

90s club nostalgia

10 Best films set in Berlin
Berlin blog and shit
THE DARKWEB – tropolis top three! – bitcoins gather momentum as a legit currency
Jude Kelly again!
20s/30s Weimer weekend archived talks, catch up on those we missed! JA!
Good ol John Lewis!
Mew Mew!
New PTR single/video
Grace Dent @ Balthazar
And finally