More dates…

In their own words…..Following the success of their hugely popular December 2011 show, award-winning theatre group You Me Bum Bum Train is proud to announce extension dates for the following nights throughout January:

Jan 5/7/8/9/10/12/13/14/15 – There are only 600 tickets available to ride You Me Bum Bum Train in January

We have teamed up with our old ticketing partners Run Riot once again to offer you an exciting opportunity for a chance to see the sell-out show in – The YMBBT Ticket Lottery.

You Me Bum Bum Train – Ticket Lottery FAQ

When is the YMBBT Ticket Lottery happening?

The You Me Bum Bum Train Ticket Lottery will start on Monday 12th December and will last for 5 days (the countdown will be shown by a clock on the site).

When are the show-dates for January?

You Me Bum Bum Train is now running on the 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 14th and the 15th January 2012

Why are you using a Lottery and not just releasing as normal?

The December dates were massively oversubscribed with 40,000 people wanting one of the 1’000 tickets. YMBBT and Run Riot feel that a Lottery system is a fairer method, with the tickets being sold on a totally random basis. We also wanted to remove the first come first served factor to avoid the system jamming up, and provide a more relaxed ticket buying experience for potential Passengers as we know that intense screen-refresh and button-clicking sends people a little crazy AND melts servers.

What is the Lottery process? Who makes the decision?

Essentially you register your interest in becoming a You Me Bum Bum Train Passenger over a set period of time. Then, at the end, we randomly select the people who have won the option to buy tickets – who we hope will go on to become Passengers.

You enter the Lottery for a pair of You Me Bum Bum Train tickets you need to complete these steps:

·         Visit

·         Enter your email

·         Select the date you’d like to ride You Me Bum Bum Train

·         Press submit.

Your entry is limited to a maximum of two tickets and you can only enter the Lottery ONCE. Your email address will be sent to a database where it is filed in accordance with the date you have selected.

When the Lottery closes a computer will select the successful entrants at random and will automatically allocate your chosen time on your chosen date.

You will be sent an email with a unique link directing you to the PayPal page where you pay for your tickets. On completion of payment you will be sent an email with your unique Ticket Number confirming you as a Passenger. You must print out the ticket number in order to gain entry.

We have planned to allow successful entrants three (3) days in which to actually purchase the tickets. If the ticket is not purchased in this time the slot will reopen to the next entrant.