Museum of Everything in Paris for another month…

Oh lucky Parisiennes…you have the best architectural icon of all time in Eiffel, you stay sexier for longer (but I hear Boden, one of our lesser British exports has crept into France), you eat cheval out of choice, unlike us Brits and you almost managed to relieve us Londoners from Victoria Beckham. You now have one whole extra month to get yourself to the Museum of Everything. An absolute treat so don’t miss it.

See Miss Marion’s write up below:

The world’s only travelling museum, landing in Paris for the first time in a former Catholic school in St Germain. The exhibition is kindly hosted by Chalet Society, Marc-Olivier Walher (former director and Chief-Curator of Le Palais de Tokyo). This new art project is called The Museum of Everything. An immersive experience. It presents an epic journey of more than 500 self-taught artworks and objects, beautifully put together within the narrow corridors and silent classrooms of the 1000m2 former seminary.

It’s gradually moving as you discover more and more works being directly linked with troubled childhood, such as 50s doll dresses hung on the wall by Morton Bartlett (1909-1992); or these panoramic illustrations of Henry Darger from Chicago (1892-1973), who fictionalised his disturbed days at school by compiling a gigantic book of painting and collages during the 1940s and the 1950s.

It could be a sort of continuation of Jean Dubuffet Art Brut movement, but without aiming at creating a ghetto around the artists. So I guess you wonder who these undiscovered, unintentional and untrained artists are and how they get selected? They have to create art in an authentic way, free of manufacturing thoughts (or had to, because most of them are deceased). « It’s a human right to be an artist, the best work is about not knowing what you should or shouldn’t do », says James Brett, the founder. He and Marc-Olivier Walher have been collaborating on this project since London Frieze Art Fair in 2009.

This is The Museum Of Everything’s first exhibition and has been travelled to the Tate, Selfridges and Russia since. Both individuals share the same philosophy about art and are the happy curators of this anti-museum.

They are followed by many leading artists, curators and writers including David Byrne, Ed Rusha, Nick Cave, Annette Messager or Christian Boltanski, who have agreed to illustrate this belief by writing essays for Exhibition #1.1. Free but 5 euros donations are most welcomed. The project depends on sponsors and individual partners, and there’s also a shop selling branded goodies, books and clothes but donation are extremely important so prepare yourself to be generous and enjoy the tour! 

Museum of Everything14 boulevard Raspail, Paris 75007 extended til 31st March.

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