Nederlands Dans Theater 1 coming to London


Sublime movers Nederlands Dans Theater 1 return to Sadler’s Wells for the first time since celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2009.

I read that NDT 1 is dance for people who don’t ‘do’ contemporary dance. I agree wholeheartedly and have pushed many a sceptic in their direction, but that doesn’t mean its entry level. NDT 1 throw some serious moves on the dance floor whilst capturing qualities from the Dutch Golden Age of painting. No still lives, obviously, but dramatic lighting, composition and technical quality – making their performances unmistakably Netherlandish.

“Created by Spanish-British duo Sol León and Paul LightfootSehnsucht is a piece that relates to the German word meaning ‘longing’ or a kind of ‘intense missing’. Taking the concept as their  inspiration, León and Lightfoot have created an evocative new work that looks at the binding, transformative power of love. Completing the bill is Schmetterling, meaning ‘butterfly’, suggesting the transitional nature of existence and the continuous crossing of paths between life and death. In this new piece – also choreographed by Lightfoot and León– duets and trios echo all types of possible love stories, with music by indie rock band Magnetic Fields and their ’69 Love Songs’ as well as contemporary composer Max Richter.”

More information here, 1 – 4th July, Sadlers Wells, London EC1.

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