No more tears…


Lovin that cloud just in front of Europe’s highest point.

I’d say its a bit like winding back…400 years? Beautifully medieval.

Manhattan in the mountains.

I think the angle makes me look a bit closer than I was….? Ok it was a bit daft but at least I didn’t touch it.

Sibling love.

Claridges Fumoir Bar, Mestia.

Oh and back on the ground – nice bit of Soviet concrete work.

Mestia, a little lower down the mountains is being geared up for all manner of tourism, they’re building as if there’s no tomorrow – but the town is madly lacking in some departments. Towers in abundance but absolutely nowhere to hang out. The hotel was rather odd – not so much as bad service but no service. Very curiously empty and void of human habitation. But the panoramic view from the nobody-in hotel was unreal: Manhattan in the mountains.

And look who was hangin out in the sunshine – oh but bears! Yes two bears just rolling around in the middle of the road on a soft bed of broken glass – that made my holiday.  That ticks off at least one of the big Georgian 5 for me. But where there are cubs, there are usually stroppy parents. These pics shouldn’t have been quite this close but they did seem rather sedate lolling around in the brief sun. But one flippant swipe from one of those paws and you’ll be stacking round doing a fine Freddy Krueger impression for the rest of your days. 

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