Noma, Copenhagen

Noma, ‘best restaurant in the world’, Michelin*** blah blah blah. Food bloggery snap snap clickety click.

Strip all that away, it was exquisite. Not po-faced or overly fussy. Plenty of opportunities to discard the cutlery, play with your food and get stuck in. The chefs clearly have a very long working day rising at dawn to head into the woods to rustle amongst the leaves seeking out those edible shoots. Each chef seems to source, sauce and serve so you get a brief precis of the entire day’s events from the horse’s mouth, which is pretty special. There were all the classics – the radish fertilisery-earth dish, which sounds more like a dirty bomb, the pine-steamed dishes…the reindeer’s favourite moss snack…and check out the fish balls! There were citric ants for dessert (- nothing has never made me want to un-vegetarian myself like that dish. Yeah, they say its always bacon that breaks the camel’s back, well let me tell you, its more likely to be pureed lemony leaf-cuttery formicidae).

So how do you get a table? If or when the system does unlock itself on the monthly Monday 10am booking slot, aim low: go for Monday lunch, not Saturday evening. And the official inside tip is go for the larger tables, not for two. It sure is a few DKK bob but Noma has earned its stripes. Or stars I should say. 

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