Nuclear Bunker, Essex

Another trove of delights await in Essex… this ‘secret’ cold war bunker. Decommissioned a few years back its been snapped up by a private buyer – clearly a cookie character who’s been living out a childhood dream (and maybe worse judging by the number of mange looking mannequins that populate this underground heaven). Its pretty huge – though build for a select few civil servants with a brilliantly dated time-warp BBC comms room, a hospital and the all important inner core for the elite: the head of the army, the head of the navy, the prime minister and the head of state. That is the sum of Britain. And lots of tins of baked beans for them to live off for a few months in the advent of a nuclear attack. They’ve got Protect & Survive on loop – which makes you want to scurry home and get your hands on Threads, the even scarier 70s propaganda film. Brilliant brilliant excursion. 

Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker, Essex

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