Odds n sods in Tbilisi

More cosmic architecture – the Wedding Celebration building. Niiiice.

Danger architecture everywhere.

Lel House Bar & garden in Old Tbilisi. No frills, plenty of quality people watching to be had.

Try Kopala on the other side of the river to enjoy good food and better views. 8/10 Chekhov Str.

Samikitno Restaurant – cracking khinkali here. On Meidani Square.

Best areas for drinking: Abashidze Street – long street full of bars and restaurants and Bambis Rigi off Meidani Square – two skinny alleys lined with bars. I’d call it touristy if there were more tourists here! Fine for hanging out al fresco.

Best hotel: Betsy’s in Vere. At the top of a hill, great views over the city, top service. Half the price of the Radisson and all the other bland business hotels. 

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