Old Bell, Berks

We got outta town for a night and went to The Old Bell near Henley. It turned out to be quite a complex which isn’t exactly what we were after and we were stuck in a dated out building which I didn’t feel was wholly necessary on a Wednesday evening. Oh with works going on in the block – tra la laaa – more NOISE. Fortunately they realised the error of their ways and upgraded us to a nice big room with a few Nordic touches in the main pub which was a vast improvement. So we went from hmmmm not sure if this was such a good idea to yeaaahhhhh this is great in a matter of moments! The design of the pub and dining room has taken its cues from the medieval interior with leather straps binding big tweedy blankets round the banquettes. Ilse Crawford fitted the place out and I was expecting the usual Soho House cookie cutter look n feel but this was actually quite different and lovely. The food was seriously good. In fact we were in heaven that night, all the recent stress oozed out with the help of Chateau Mussar…It was pretty noisy until very late and from what I’ve heard and read you would want to give this megaplex a wide berth over the wedding season!

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