On the road in Georgia

Soviet dreams – parliament in Tblisi

A few of these gas stations dotted along the highway, courtesy of Jurgen Mayer who seems to be all over Georgia. As is Henning Larsen.

Best place for him really. Went to the Stalin Museum – I had no idea he was born in Georgia.

That famous carriage from the Yalta Conference.

The best museum shop in the world. Reminded me of the GDR HQ in Berlin. 

Beautifully cinematic. Did feel a bit like a shrine….little odd.

My new fantasy floor.


View from room, Borjomi

Bit of a dismal and depressing day yesterday. I wasn’t really prepared for the devastation of some of these Georgian towns post 2008 bombing. Or the general grey patina of village after village cascading into madly fast flowing rivers. I don’t know how many people are Abkhazian refugees as I read, or how many people just don’t have two ‘gels’ to rub together…I’ve been to some bleak and challenging places but yesterday rocked me a bit.

Staying in a less than salubrious b&b right on the edge of Borjomi National Park (miraculously it does have wifi if you retreat right into the corner of the room – a bit like that creature in the basement at the end of Blairwitch). Ironically I can’t get a bottle of water from the hotel in the town with the über spring that once served the whole of the Russian Empire. This is where the army come to convalesce.

Watched an lovely murderous French/African film which obv didn’t make me feel better. But remedied with Beverley Hills Cop which totally did the trick. Those outfits! Axel F!

I was hoping to be serenaded to sleep by the local lesser friendly wolf pack but no such joy. Nor the bears or the golden eagles. Booo. Come come beasts make an appearance. Maybe it’s just enough to know I’m cheek by jowl with them. I love a meaty fairytale beast.

Anyway today is another day, the sun is out and I’ve canned some of my plans (think I’m getting caved out which would be a first) – need to geddup the mega mountains for some holiday action and Sound of Music landscapes. And need some greenery to break through. Bit gutted I can’t get up to one strip of mountains on my hit list, it’s too early and the passes are still closed. So, Svaneti: please deliver!

I think I might go to Ibiza or Barbados next.