Open House 2011 – BT Tower

I’m a big fan of Open House – getting out into forgotten corners of the city. The opportunity to go into other people’s homes offers a little more depth – like trepanning through the city. 

So it wasn’t a bad year at all – we got lucky with the BT Tower Ballot. You can access and enjoy a good view from many other spots in London but the fun was in knowing that this was BT Tower. The rather hostile, thorough security checks reminds visitors of London’s past tensions but as you ascend the experience softened significantly; tea, cakes and the works. It was surreal just being able to take up a pew and watch London roll on by as the perimeter viewing gallery gently rotated….albeit the odd surge in motion, glitch and lurch. 

Above: I’ll never forget a guy at college spinning me some yarn about Hitler earmarking The University of London’s Senate House for his HQ if London were to fall. Very believable, very amusing. 

Below, the dark lords of the build environment, Candy & Candy leave their footprint on London again. Truly bizarre aerial image of the lone church which had obviously been enveloped by the former Middlesex Hospital in Fitzrovia.