Open House 2011

So…its a coming, my geek weekend. Oh the cloud of embarrassment hangs…as I fess up to the fact that I do actually plan it on a spreadsheet. I don’t think I’d even take a wedding as seriously! I thought I’d help with the edit and throw a few highlights out there. If you click the link at the bottom you can search for any of the following:

Neasden Bunker – so if the Cabinet War Rooms were to fail, this was the back up. Mini stalagmites lead down here and there. Its dank and dark…a few maps line the walls here and there. Its very strange and forgotten….Brook Road NW2 7DZ, Sat 8.30am-5pm. Pre-book ONLY Mon-Fri 9am-5pm on 020 8782 4239 or email 

Freemason’s Hall – is really quite stunning indeed.

Government Art Collection – yes – their hushed up stash of art! 

Daily Express Building on Fleet Street – gorgeous art deco entrance hall

Apothecary Hall – go and then very quickly go to the Chelsea Physic Garden and link the two and picture that to-ing and fro-ing of poultices and ointments.

Alleyways of the City – behind Liverpool Street. Discover pubs you never knew existed. And learn about the extraordinary origin and symbols of early banking in London. Yes, it began in coffee shops.

19 Princelet Street – ramshackle old synagogue owned by a mad old bat.

BT Tower – join the throngs for the ballot. 

Home House – look on in envy – see how the other half drink.

Reform Club – as above. Different crowd. Really do try and get in here….

Royal Courts of Justice – don’t look on in envy. 

Bevis Marks Synagogue – though you can go here on any day.

I’ll willingly monetise my 2011 spreadsheet for 50p or book or plan your own day here: London Open House.

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