Outstanding in the Field – USA, new dates

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Outstanding in the Field put on extreme dinners for upto 200 people in exquisite locations across the States. It was conceived to reconnect diners to the land, and honour the farmers who work tirelessly to get it from earth to plate. And with biopirates like Monsanto plotting to entrap the grower at every opportunity, farmers should be applauded and supported a bit more. I admit that mass dinnering might be some people’s idea of hell – XXL dining amongst strangers whom have no connection to one another – like a bad, bad wedding. But we have it on good authority that they pull it off: the food is fantastic, the settings are undeniably stunning and you never know who you might meet.

Tickets for the ‘winter’ tour – in locations such as Paradise Farm,¬†Kauai Kuana Dairy, from Hawaii to the Deep South go on sale tomorrow. Unsurprisingly the tickets sell out fast – so if you’re thinking about the Pacific for February (nice!), synch up.

I couldn’t help but slip in a picture of Beelitz pic here – a huge hospital complex outside of Berlin. I was fantasising about setting up something similar – these corridors just go on for miles. A cursory spruce up, flood the place with candlelight, white linen, spooky music….oh it’d be so good!

Outstanding in the Field, USA 2013 – 2014

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