Queen of Sheba, W2

London’s only Yemeni restaurant – Queen of Sheba in Paddington. We caught it on a sunny day post a slightly discombobulating meeting and sat outside. Slightly scruffy street, felt like 60s London – rather atmospheric in it’s own way. Flippin’ great food. Never seen breads like it – if it hadn’t been so warm I might’ve crawled underneath one, curled up and gone to sleep. But then I would’ve missed out on the moutabal and that would be too bad. It’s a stone’s throw from The Flemming Museum which has always eluded me but meant to be one of those great little medical history spots.

Queen of Sheba

3/4 Bouverie Place, London W2 1RE Tel: 0207 402 6667

Paddington / Edgware Road Tube

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