Remember remember…

If you’re looking for a nice family bonfire to take the kids this November 5th, we don’t recommend Lewes. Intense, mildly terrifying and deeply historic the Lewes Bonfire Society doesn’t really welcome the visitor open armed – it’s their gig. But the outsiders doth come, they pour off the train from Brighton. We offered a little more detail last year. The annual event is boldly volenti non fit injuria so if your rabbit fut coat goes up in flames there’s no point in pursuing a no-win-no-fee claim as-seen-on-the-TV. Beg borrow or steal (or even buy!) a ticket for the Cliffe bonfire (basically an after-party quite literally on heat). Probably better than the London 2012 fireworks and we’re not kidding. Which unsuspecting person in the public eye will be rustled up in papier mache this year is anyone’s guess….

Lewes Bonfire Society, East Sussex – this year it will be on the 5th itself.

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